[European Parliament] Resolution on repression in Soviet Armenia [Joint resolution replacing Docs. B2-1262, 1296 and 1304/88]

The European Parliament,

A. having regard to the earthquake which recently shook Soviet Armenia,

B. whereas the Soviet authorities have arrested all the leaders of the Kharabakh Committee,

C. whereas this committee requested the reattachment of the autonomous region of Upper Kharabakh to Soviet Armenia, it having been arbitrarily given by Stalin to Azerbaïdjan,

D. whereas this committee is also demanding that Soviet Armenia should be able to exercise its sovereign rights as a republic within the framework of the USSR and that its citizens should enjoy the basic freedoms and human rights,

1. Condemns the arrest of leaders of the Kharabakh Committee and calls for their immediate release;

2. Welcomes the decision by the Supreme Soviet of 12 January 1989 of the creation of a special status for the Nagorno-Kharabakh autonomous region with a view to preventing renewed outbreaks of unrest resulting from tensions between the nationalities and to stabilize the situation in the region;

3. Hopes that the Kharabakh Committee will be able to carry out its activities freely and calls on the Soviet authorities to accord it full recognition as an interlocutor;

4. Expresses the hope that the development of national legislations will provide a genuine guarantee that the fundamental rights and freedoms of all will be respected and that all religions may be freely exercised as a civil and social right;

5. Asks the Soviet Government also to ensure the effective protection of Armenians living in Azerbaïdjan, where further acts of violence against the Armenians have occurred despite the earthquake;

6. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council and the Soviet Armenian and Azerbaïdjan authorities.

Attachment: European Parliament Joint resolution replacing Docs. B2-1262, 1296 and 1304/88