[European Parliament] Resolution on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan [B3-0181, 0186, 0188, 0197 and 0204/94]

The European Parliament,

— having regard to its previous resolutions on the situation in Armenia, especially its resolution of 16 September 1993 on Armenia and Azerbaijan (‘),

A. having regard to the continuing conflict between Armenians and Azeris which threatens to involve other countries, which has driven hundreds of thousands of people, both Armenians and Azeris, from their homes, and which has already led to hundreds of deaths and injuries among the civilian population,

B. whereas the Azerbaijani air force has resumed its bombing of civilians, particularly in the town of Stepanakert,

C. whereas the negotiating proposals made by the CSCE have come to nothing and have in particular been rejected by Azerbaijan,

D. whereas there is an urgent need for international humanitarian aid for the populations affected in Armenia and Azerbaijan and a need for the neighbouring countries to permit international humanitarian organizations free access to the region; whereas, in particular, suitable aid should be provided to the Armenian people, who are facing difficult living conditions this winter, owing, in particular, to the energy crisis,

E. whereas Armenia has, since independence, made genuine efforts to construct a constitutional state based on democratic institutions, the free exercise of fundamental freedoms and human rights and has undertaken economic reforms to create the most favourable conditions for the population; whereas these efforts are threatened by the effects of the conflicts,

F. whereas these conflicts are having the same disastrous effects on Azerbaijan and, to a lesser extent, the other countries of the region,

G. recalling the communique of 17 January 1994 by the Presidency of the European Union on this matter,

1. Is concerned at the danger of the internationalization of the conflict, and calls on the governments of the countries of the region and other foreign powers to refrain from providing military aid to the belligerents;

2. Calls on all the neighbours of Armenia and Azerbaijan and, in particular, on Turkey, to allow the free passage of goods to both countries;

3. Endorses the declaration of the Presidency which ‘requests the opposing parties to display self-control and not inflict further suffering on a civilian population already sorely tried by the war’, and ‘reaffirms its support for the principle of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and calls for a peaceful solution to the conflict’;

4. Calls on all parties concerned to comply with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council;

5. Calls on the Union and its Member States to exert pressure on Armenia and Azerbaijan in order to persuade them to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict;

6. Calls on the European Union and its Member States actively to support the political and economic reform process in Armenia via a more effective commitment in favour of the country under the Tacis programme, and calls on the Union to make a similar effort to support economic recovery in the other countries of the region and, in particular, Azerbaijan, which is more particularly affected by the war;

7. Calls, in this connection, for particular attention to be paid to the energy problem;

8. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, the authorities of Nagorno-Karabakh and the Secretary-General of the CSCE.

Attachment: European Parliament Resolution B3-0181,0186,0188,0197 and 0204/94